Ethics and Values


“Personal values have no place in business, we must leave them at home.

At work the values of our organisation are the only ones that matter.

Behaving professionally means disregarding our own values at all times.”


I would not join a company that does not align with my personal values in the first place.

These are Telstra’s:

  1. Show we care
  2. Work better;together
  3. Trusteach other to deliver
  4. Make the complex simple
  5. Find our courage

And these are Ericsson my previous employer:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Respect
  3. Perseverance

But in the case that work values were broken for what I initially expected I would have to try to deal with them based on my values and the law. If I cannot realigned to what I believe is right then it is my responsibility to make aware/educate the organisation but I of course have to understand that I might be wrong! Understanding different cultures is key.  An example is the framework like the GRI standards that report on people and environment. It is important for the organisation to contribute to the yearly sustainability report and everyone should be aware of the framework, I can make the organisation aware of this but there are cultural differences on how to get good GRI results with a totally different way of working, example Indonesian employees wait and do everything what their one up manager says, Australian’s are a lot more independent, Chinese are all about the community. Treating people how they expect would help with reducing sick leave etc. Each culture and even team would have their values and it is important to understand what is important to everyone around you and not thing about yourself.

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