Great Leaders – I chose Steve Jobs

Hi All,

I respect Steve Jobs because of his passion for truly making a different in the world. His products and business are thought out carefully to very customer focused, except for itunes, that has always been very clunky.

I believe this is extremely rare to find a leader with the right passion. From BUO5MGT we listed the following motivations when trying to work out how to motive staff (including CEO’s)

  • Working conditions
  • Salary, incentives, bonuses
  • Relationship with workers
  • Pride in organisation
  • Achievement
  • Status
  • Recognition
  • Responsibility
  • Relationship with supervisor (or governance board if it’s a CEO)
  • Meaningful work
  • Security
  • Work/life balance
  • Challenging work
  • Advancement
  • Learning and growth

I believe Steve was one of the leaders with the above in bold motivations.

Steve’s visions came through in his passion and dedication. Sometimes people need to be shocked to get out of their older attitudes, Steve did polarise a lot of people but I believe that is because people do not like change even though it might be for the better. Example, there are cases where NBN is being rolled out to homes with only dial up and the owners don’t want the free boost in speed.

Any board of directors want to make above average returns while not going to jail. Management fears change but so do customers, ie NBN. It’s a complicated situation with early adopters and I understand any change to become main stream needs a lot of marketing and to be mainstream 27% of the customer base needs to accept something for it to reach a tipping point. Steve jobs wasn’t afraid of change and was great at marketing during his key notes and with his innovative apple stores.

Here is a bit of what I have learnt during the MBA:

Great leaders focus on product innovation and marketing to their customers to achieve sustainable above average triple bottom line returns while not going to jail.

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