Defining Leadership

Leaders need to be show the right behavior at the right time. The leaders singular job is to get long term results.

The leader must communicate a vision and re-enforce the companies culture. He/she must make sure all employees are customer focused.

A leader must have emotional intelligence and be surrounded by people with diverse backgrounds and experience. This also means the leader must have exceptional listening skills. The diversity in experience and cultural backgrounds helps the leader get better feedback and ideas to better understand new opportunities. The greatest leaders need to be one step ahead of the competition and empathy is key to understand what is needed. A leader must be the opposite of Machiavellian, they must be open and approachable but know when to make strong decisions.

The leader must build a talented motivated team.

1 Comments on “Defining Leadership”

  1. I believe there are many perfect leader out there. Even if the leader might be perfect sometimes the company goes down hill once they are gone. I believe leaders need to instill their culture and values in the management team to make up this gap.

    All the leaders I chose as references were founders.


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